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Words That Live was established to give a voice and a face to the everyday poet. Throughout time, poetry and other great literature has influenced the hearts and minds of our generations. With the exception of those famous names we have come to recognize and love, there have been millions of great artists and incredible works of writing that gone unrecognized, unrealized, and worst of all, unappreciated. Here you will find that everyday people, young and old alike, have an incredible talent, a creative mind and an amazing vision expressed through their poetry, writing, stories, and more.

Geared around the idea that the world needs more of a poetic touch, you will have the benefit to be reintroduced to the oldest and strongest of all emotions, Love! Love comes in many forms of passions, desires, zest for life, political points of views, personal missions and of course, matters of the heart. Like all great things in life, when shared amongst each other, it will become a powerful force and an unstoppable movement. We now have a chance to voice our opinions and give our words life so that those who read our work can experience our love.

You will find that Words That Live offers many other great services. You can enjoy the different forums, chat rooms, blogs, and in the near future, the WTL E-Cards. You can chat in real time through WTL Instant Messenger and live chat room without having to down load any software. Then when you need some down time, when you need a little entertainment, you can browse through our vast library of arcade games and engage into a world of fun. You can play these arcade games straight from your profile and do not need to down load any software to your computer. You can play on your own or challenge other members.

Words That Live and Founder and Owner John Fuentes, would like to encourage all to express yourselves in your most beautiful way. I would like to welcome you to a world where your words will live forever.

Ultimate Blast Billiards
15-levels with a severe twist in the tail...
Plays: 1866
Connect 4
Line up 4 pieces in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row to win!
Plays: 1300
Bubble Shooter
The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.
Plays: 1168
9 Ball Pool for all you hustlers and sharks out there.
Plays: 1113

June 21, 2013
watashlegend has just defeated EBRAD's record at Celebrity Fight Club with a score of 1047!

April 19, 2012
oldman has just defeated own record at Ultimate Blast Billiards with a score of 25537!
April 19, 2012
oldman has just defeated EBRAD's record at Ultimate Blast Billiards with a score of 24109!

December 13, 2010
audrea has just defeated own record at Batting Champ with a score of 2074!
November 22, 2010
audrea has just defeated EBRAD's record at Blazing Squad with a score of 3700!

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